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Most of us are quite familiar with fine European porcelain dolls but I doubt many people realize just how old the tradition of doll making, even porcelain dolls, is in Japan. Ancient temple records indicate small grass dolls were used in a religious ceremony and placed in the river even before the birth of Christ….

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Creche Dolls

The story of German wooden doll-making can be broken down into three phases. Crèche dolls, proper wooden dolls and Grodnertal dolls. Crèche dolls are Catholic religious figurines that are most commonly associated with Italy for obvious reasons. However Germany has a strong and vibrant Crèche doll tradition as well. What separates a crèche doll from…

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Early English Wooden Doll

Unlike other more intricate dolls the English established a solid presence in wooden dolls. Evolving from primitive carvings into actual well-crafted works of art as early as the 17th century. This trend of constant improvement lasted for over a century well into the 18th century. As these dolls improved there was a direct correlation between…

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