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Unlike most vampires Draculara, or Ula D to her friends, has embraced the sweeter side of her personality. For example her favorite color is pink and she refuses to suck any else’s blood. She has even embraced a totally vegan life-style to make sure that she never hurts anyone. Imagine the surprise of her father…

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cleo de nile

What can you say about Monster High’sCleo de Nile. She is arrogant, stuck up, self-centered, spoiled and that just a few of her personality traits. But what can you expect from an ancient princess who is accustomed to getting her way. You really can’t blame her anyways, I mean she is almost 6,000 years old…

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clawdeen wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is the 15 year old daughter of the warewolf and head fashionista at Monster high. All you need to know about Clawdeen Wolf is that she loves fashion and gold and hates Cleo de Nile. Although all the young ladies at monster high consider themselves stylish none take it as seriously as Clawdeen….

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frankie stein pic

Frankie Stein is the daughter or Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. Sometimes she feels insecure because she is the new ghoul @ school quite literally. As Frankie likes to say I am “15 …. Days old”. In fact ‘New Ghoul @ School’ was the name of her Nickelodeon Halloween special which aired in 2010….

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                    Monster High Mix-Up This game is based on the old style square and rectangle slide puzzles. The oblect is simple, move the pieces around the board to get them in the right place to solve the puzzle. The game can be a little more difficult…

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Monster High Dress Up Puzzle The Object of this game is to fill in the pie pieces in the correct places before the music stops. The faster you complete a pie the higher your score will be. FollowShare on Tumblr

With the popularity of the weird but fun Monster High Dolls continuing to grow these doll related costumes are sure to be a hot item for the younger crowd. Currently Monster High has licenses costumes for its 5 main characters, Frankie Stein, Draculara, Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelp. Frankie Stein Costume Review…

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Mix-Up Puzzle The challenge of the mix-up puzzle is to move the pieces around the grif to complete the picture. FollowShare on Tumblr