What can you say about Monster High’sCleo de Nile. She is arrogant, stuck up, self-centered, spoiled and that just a few of her personality traits. But what can you expect from an ancient princess who is accustomed to getting her way. You really can’t blame her anyways, I mean she is almost 6,000 years old and still going through PUBERTY! You would be cranky too. Cleo often tries to hide her overbearing personality and animosity towards the other girls from her longtime boyfriend Deuce Gorgon.

Cleo de Nile

Cleo de Nile

Despite her upbringing Cleo is working hard to get along better with her friends. She often takes the time to help others and work altruistically. As a natural born leader the other girls at Monster High often look-up to Cleo de Nile and look to her in times of need. That leadership shows itself when she captains Monster High’s trophy winning fearleading team.

As you would expect from an Egyptian princess Cleo loves gold. Gold is both her favorite color and fashion accessory. She even keeps gold highlights in her hair. Her scary cool style also includes sandals, long flowing hair with bangs and draped stylish mummy wrappings.

As befitting a princess Cleo is also one of the few Monster High girls to have multiple pets. In the show you see her snake companion Hissette, but she also has several cats named Chisisi, Bastet, Akins, Ebonee, Ufa, Usi, and Miu-Miu.

Although her father is the legendary mummy Ramses de Nile, who works of all things as an antiquities dealer, but there has never been any mention of her mother.

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