By 1954 Madame Alexander was already quite successful in the 8 inch doll market when her attention turned to the bible. At the time it would have been impossible to fathom the legend that would surround these dolls. Soon these bible characters rank amongst the most valuable 8 inch dolls in the world.
Years past the fog of history settled upon this collection and they began to slip into myth and fantasy. Soon some of the dolls had their very existence called into question and regarded as hearsay. To this day we still have very little information about the production of these dolls and how many were actually ever produced.

Queen Esther

Queen Esther

When a complete set was found in mint condition still in their boxes it sent ripples throughout the collecting world. Several dolls that were thought not to exist had now been confirmed. In fact what little we do know about these dolls comes largely from this very set.

Although newer generations of bible characters have been produced the original 1954 production had only 8 dolls. These dolls included:
• Joseph
• Mary
• David
• Queen Esther
• Ruth
• Timothy
• Martha

Madame Alexander 1954 Bible Character Doll Values
As very little is common knowledge about these dolls one should be very cautious and skeptical when finding one for sale.
However a true 1954 Original is worth between $5,000 and $12,500. As always when spending this kind of money we recommend involving a profession to inspect the doll before buying.

Elizabeth Ann Washington

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