Beatrice Alexander is a classic American success story. Beatrice Alexander was born to a working class Russian immigrant family in 1895. Her family lived in a small loft above her fathers doll hospital, which was the first such establishment in the United States.

It was here where the combination of the family business and her personal interest was forged into a unique passion for dolls. Driven by hr passion and her true sense of the American spirit she founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923 at just 28 years of age.

Beatrice Alexander

Beatrice Alexander

Most startup companies did not survive the economic turmoil that was to come just a few years later in 1930. But The Alexander Doll Company and Madame Alexander Dolls were not just another company selling just any product. Madame Alexander’s spirit and exacting standards led the company through the hard times.

Soon Madame Alexander would display the trademark vision that propelled Madame Alexander Dolls to where they are today. By fusing her demands for high quality product and embracing popular culture she became one of the great innovators of her day.

The Madame Alexander Doll Company was the first doll manufacturer to license product from character from books and movies. Her landmark Alice in Wonderland, Gone With The Wind and Little Women lines can all trace their lineage back to this time.

Not satisfied with her ever growing company she continued to innovate, incorporating new techniques and technologies. Her doll company was the first to integrate hard plastics, new so called ‘sleep eyes. One of her other big successes was the launch of a full fashion model doll called Cissy in 1955, which is still made to this day.

Thanks to her reputation for quality and innovation Madame Alexander has continued to expand her doll company, launching a large and diverse product line. Her new dolls include such notable names as Disney, Eloise and The Wizard of Oz.

Sadly in October of 1990 Madame Alexander passed away at the age of 95. One can only assume her life was joyous and fulfilling as she saw her company, her passion and Madame Alexander Dolls all become benchmarks for quality.

Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland Collection

The Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland 8 inch collection is one of her oldest and most successful lines. In fact it was one of the earliest licensed doll series ever.It is an eight doll set featuring the notable characters from the classic novel.



Alice is dressed in a simple blue dress and white apron. The flowing blonde hair and blushing cheeks really bring the character to life and remind fans of the mental visual they had when reading the book. Her stripped stocking and buckle shoes denote a nice attention to detail.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter has a more pedestrian look with a proletariat blue coat and load checkered pants. His vibrant red hair, eyebrows and eye-liner bring an element of realism to the doll and the pocket watch and pant cuffs are a nice touch.

The frog Footman seems an exact opposite of the Mad Hatter. Sporting a very stylish French-baroque style classical era outfit. A beautiful white wig, gilded golden jacket, stylish and appointed vest with a lush neck appointments make him quite the man about town.

queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts

Although the Queen of Hearts might not be as stylish as the Frog footman she is none-the-less well coordinated. Her red velvet crown adequately matches the primary color of her lavish dress, and the dark trimming and shoulder styling bring out the beauty of her dark hair and eyes. Just goes to show its not how much you spend its how well a girl coordinates.

The White rabbit is based of the Wendy doll as are most or the collection. He sports a plush white rabbit ears hat and some rather unstylish clothing, unless of course he is a late 19th century English Fop. His glasses and umbrella are a nice touch.

There are also three 11 in dolls in this collection. Two based on alice and a third on a red headed version of the Queen.

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