Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is the 15 year old daughter of the warewolf and head fashionista at Monster high. All you need to know about Clawdeen Wolf is that she loves fashion and gold and hates Cleo de Nile.

Although all the young ladies at monster high consider themselves stylish none take it as seriously as Clawdeen. In fact although Clawdeen is athletic she hates gym class because she cannot look her best in frumpy gym clothes.

With the release of The Clawdeen Wolf doll they kept an eye on her fashion sense with her stylish outfit. Her love of purple and pink with black trim are evident on every piece of clothing.

Her outer jacket is a little above waist high and black with a light purple trim and fluffy white fur collar. The undershirt moves to a pink with tiger strip black trim to tie it together. Although her miniskirt is solid purple with some thin black pencil trim, she wears a studded black belt to tie it all together. Then there are of course the obligatory Monster High thigh high boots. No surprise here as they are black with solid purple striping.

The doll also comes with the classic Monster High Journal, a lovely brush for her well groomed hair and of course her pet cat Crescent.

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