With the popularity of the weird but fun Monster High Dolls continuing to grow these doll related costumes are sure to be a hot item for the younger crowd.

Currently Monster High has licenses costumes for its 5 main characters, Frankie Stein, Draculara, Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelp.

Frankie Stein Costume Review

The Frankie Stein costumes comes with her signature plaid dress with an attached polka-dot tie and sleeves. The costume also includes the leggings with the stitching pattern and of course the lightning bolt belt. Please be advised this costume does not come with any make-up or the Frankie Stein wig which is sold separately.



Draculara Costume Review

Draculara is the shopper ion the group and her stylish outfit shows it. The Draculara costume comes with both the shirt top and skirt bottom. The shirt also includes the attached mesh sleeves and over-vest. The skirt also includes attached leggings. You might want grab the Dracuara wig which is sold separately and an appropriate set of boots. The costume also does not include any make-up.



Cleo de Nile Costume Review

Cleo de Nile may act vile but her costume sure isn’t. Like the other Monster High Costumes the Cleo de Nile ensemble is comprised of a matched top and bottom set. The top includes the base shirt with an attached sheer over-shirt. The bottom pants are designed to look like mummy bandages. Included accessories are the belt, bandage style armbands and fingerless gloves. Accessories that are not included are the Cleo de Nile wig, headband and make-up which are sold separately. Appropriate footwear also is not included.



Clawdeen Wolf Costume Review

Clawdeen Wolf looks as sharp as her fangs in this outfit. The jacket includes fake fur lining and an attached tiger striped-undershirt. The bottom half is a plain simple purple skirt but the outfit comes with some nice trimming to dress it up a bit. These include a fake leather belt and matching choker. Items sold separately include the wig, make-up and unlike most of the costumes this outfit does not include any form of leggings.


Lagoona Blue Costume Review

The first that that jumps out at you about the Lagoona Blue costume is how short the skirt is, which may bother some parents. However the sporty skirt comes with undershorts attached making this costume a lot more functional that it otherwise would be. The shorts-skirt combination also comes with the classic fishnet stockings attached. Fins are also attached to both the sleeves of the jacket and the leggings. The jacket itself also has the fish scale under-shit attached as well.
Like the other monster high costumes the lagoon blue outfit also does not include a wig, shoes or any make-up.

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Costume Review

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