Although they have been on the market for a while now Our Generation Dolls popularity doesn’t seem to be fading. They offer a unique opportunity for someone who either wants to introduce someone into the habit of collecting beautiful dolls, or someone who just wants to get a quality doll at an affordable price.

By introducing interesting hobbies, positive personalities and storybooks with their dolls Our Generation Dolls have a unique way of relating to younger children. Choosing a doll that matches the new collector’s personality or interests can be key to getting them started on the right path collecting. Options include:

Lily Anna

Lily Anna

Lily Anna – Lily Anna is an active and precocious little girl who loves horses. Her boxed set comes complete with an equestrian riding outfit and equestrian related accessories. The line of Our Generation Horses makes this an excellent pick as those horses will make excellent gifts to expand the collection on future occasions. Her storybook is called “Adventures at Shelby Stables”.



Eva – Eva is an intellectually curious and irrepressible young lady with a mind for mysteries and a taste for sweets. Her doll comes with all the things an aspiring detective might need including a camera. See how she gets in and out of trouble and solves the case in her book “The Mystery of the Vanishing Coin”.



Katelyn – Katelyn is a whirlwind ice skating dynamo. Her doll comes with all the accessories a talented skater could ask for including several gold medals. She uses her all that talent and learns important life lessons in her adventures in “Blizzard on Moose Mountain”.

Mary Lyn

Mary Lyn

Mary Lyn – Mary is the music lover in the group, but her heart only plays a sad tune as she just lost her beloved grandmother. Although she has all the trappings a young musician wants it’s just not enough to make her smile again. Mary’s life and fortunes change forever when she and the boy next door go on the adventure of a lifetime in “The Note in the Piano”.



Hally – Hally is a back to school eager beaver who has an appetite for learning. She has all the back to school trapping including a positive message about a young ladies education. She learns just how cool being smart really is in her storybook “One Smart Cookie”.

Sydney Lee

Sydney Lee

Sydney Lee – Sydney is a beautiful and graceful ballet dancer with a big heart and even bigger dreams. Her doll comes with all the tools she needs to make it big. Unfortunately for Sydney her life gets sidetracked in “Stars in your Eyes “. Will she survive long enough to learn her lesson?

There are other dolls out there as they are periodically retired and replaced with new young adventurous girls. This creates a great collecting opportunity. Going to the mall and buying a doll is not really collecting in the truest sense. Finding a doll at a garage or estate sale that is no longer available in stores however can be very exhilarating.

Their affordable price makes them a no risk option when starting someone down the path of collecting for the first time. Since the dolls are of higher quality that most dolls youngsters are accustomed to it imparts a sense of responsibility and appreciation for quality which will serve them well in their life as well as their efforts in collecting.

Collecting Our Generation Dolls

Mothers are usually the ones who scour for the best doll for their daughters. There are times that you get disappointed in your purchases if your daughter doesn’t like your gift. For those who are looking for a play doll, Our Generation Dolls will give you a wide selection of nifty and educational dolls at a lower price tag. These dolls are 18” tall and can be purchased by sets with their deluxe storybook edition. With these editions, each doll has its own book plus accessories such as clothing, a bag, shoes, and tumbler.

Although similar in size with the American Girl Dolls, the price tag is more appropriate if you are looking for a doll your daughter can play with. However, Our Generation Dolls are not for doll collectors who think they will dramatically escalate in value. Our Generation Dolls are to help your young girl enjoy doll collecting while still enjoy the magic of actually playing with the doll. During these early years very valuable skills such as the care and maintenance of collectible dolls can be learned without destroying expensive collectors pieces.

Our Generation Dolls price tag starts at $20 for a regular single doll while the American Girl dolls start at a around $100. Yet, Our Generation dolls are still perfect for your little girl’s playtime wherein you can include other play sets such as play horses, scooters, slumber party kits, and salon chairs.

The strength of an Our Generation Doll is in their variety of doll personas that might appeal to a young girl of just about any interest. Throw in the education tools included with each doll and it’s a cant miss for girls of the right age.

Guide To Purchasing Our Generation Dolls

Our Generation Dolls might be the perfect fit if collecting old and vintage dolls is not your thing or all that you need is a nifty gift for your daughter or your niece. These dolls are creatively designed with their own set of adventures and characteristics which younger girls can relate to. Below you will find a guide to help you match the right doll to the personality of the person it is intended for.

1) Lily Anna – She loves horseback riding and collects accessories and anything that is related to horses. Fortunately coincidently they sell a line of Our Generation Horses. A book that comes with this doll is entitled “The Adventures of Shelby Stables” along with accessories for equestrian, doll dresses, and even an Appaloosa Rodeo Riding Horse to match.

2) Eva – She is the detective in this bunch. Let your young girls solve the mystery and practice their analytical skills by reading the book “The Mystery of the Vanishing Coin”. Eva comes equipped with a backpack, mug, pen, and a camera.
3) Katelyn – She is a figure skater and comes with a skating costume, water bottle, medal, and a fancy mp3 player. Let your little girls learn the lesson from Katelyn’s adventure in the “Blizzard on Moose Mountain”.

4) Mary Lyn – Take the treasure hunt trail and follow Mary Lyn’s quest for music in the book “The Note in the Piano”. This doll is perfect for those who love musical instruments as she comes with a toy harmonica, music sheets, violin, and some playing cards.

5) Hally – This doll represents eager girls going back to school. It comes with a backpack, water bottle, report card, uniform, dresses, and a lunch box. Help a young girl learn to make good decision by reading its story book entitled “One Smart Cookie”.

6) Sydney Lee – She is a prima ballerina dressed in pink or blue ballet outfits. The doll comes with a sling bag, water bottle, and a book about algebra and geometry. You will be amazed in her story called “Stars in Your Eyes”.

7) Jenny – The doll represents the would-be chefs of these little ladies’ generation. With her long blonde hair and green eyes, she makes a pretty baker , equipped with an apron and some baking supplies. After a baking activity, check out Jenny’s adventure in “The Sweet Shoppe Mystery”.

8) Robyn – She has blue eyes with shiny long blonde hair and dressed in a skirt, tights, jacket, and a handy purse. Her other accessories also come with a guide book, city map, water bottle, and a shopping bag.

9) Audrey Ann – Is a doll with wavy blonde hair who is excited about Christmas. Read her adventure in “The Dress in the Window”.

10) Alexis – With shiny long brown hair, Alexis looks cute in her corduroy dress accessorized with a purse.
With this doll selection, get more accessories to pair with your choice and start a new collection for your child. One nice benefit is these dolls are very affordable and usually cost less than $20.

Our Generation Dolls And Their Appeal To Young Women

The toy market has been saturated with countless toys from simple games to the most innovative electronic gadgets. Yet, little girls still fancy cute dolls and interaction with their playmates instead of looking at a gadget. Our Generation Dolls took the opportunity to fill that demand. The difference with Our Generation Dolls from Barbie is that it portrays little girls in their usual dress and accessories. The doll selection focuses on the typical things and activities these young girls do at their current age instead of the adult representation. It also stays away from the image of infant dolls which limits their imagination; the infant dolls are also limited to infant accessories which relate less to the real life things these young children encounter.

Each Our Generation Doll has its own looks and favorite activities which can match with your young girl’s own character. The interesting part is that these dolls have their own storybook to start off a great adventure. It is a wonderful way of introducing children to reading while playing with their dolls. It is an entertainment and an educational toy set. The dolls are generally known by their names and their corresponding favorite activities. You may opt to get a character who loves horses or another one who likes to bake. Each character also has its own accessories that jive with the talents and activities they usually do.

Our Generation Dolls allow the parent to choose the personality of the dolls they purchase to best suit their youngster, also you can add in toy accessories like a wardrobe and vanity stool, scooter, equestrian our generation horses and doll outfits. You know that little girls have great imaginations, why not include some party kits such as the slumber party kit, sleepover kit, tents and sleeping bags, and a tea parlor.

These 18-inch dolls are affordable starting at around $20 compared to American Girl Dolls that can fetch over $100. With Our Generation Dolls, you can choose from a regular doll to deluxe dolls with storybooks. This is a better alternative for young girls who easily get bored with their toys after playing with it for a couple of weeks. It is a clever doll selection which offers several options with the added adventure book for the inquisitive minds. You may even start collecting the characters and choose from Eva, Lily Anna, Katelyn, Hally, Sydney Lee, Mary Lyn, Alexis, Robyn, Audrey Ann, and Jenny. Get to know these dolls and find which character best suits your child’s imagination.